Top Tips On How To Reduce Dust In Your Home

Dust comes in all forms which include particles of plant pollen, pet dander, dead skin cells, along with fibers from paper and clothing. When it starts to accumulate, it is not only annoying but becomes a health hazard for allergy and asthma sufferers.

While it is literally impossible to eradicate the dust from your home completely, below are few useful tips to keep dust levels under control in your home and to create a safer environment for you and your loved ones.

1. Change Bedding In Your Home At Least Once A Week

Dust mites are known for thriving in places that include mattresses, pillows, and sheets. To keep dust at bay encase your box spring and mattress in a cover that is allergen-proof and wash your bedding every week. There’s an insect called bed bug that might be crawling in your bed or curtains so better check it.

2. Keep Your Closets Tidy

Garments that you store in closets will shed fibers. To eliminate the build of dust in these areas store your clothing items in plastic containers, boxes, and garment bags.

3. Keep Your Floors Clutter-Free

Avoid allowing items like magazines, toys, and clothing to pile up on your floors. Cleaning around these items will not remove the dust that settles around or in them.

4. Dust Properly

Feather dusters will only aggravate the existing dust which means it will settle in another area of your home. Rather use a moist towelette or damp cloth when wiping down surfaces. Make sure clean your electric fan regularly if you see the dust on it. For air conditioner, clean it from air conditioning services.

5. Clean From The Top To The Bottom

When you clean your home with a vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth, start from your highest surfaces then work downwards. This will help to catch any dust that you may have missed. Kitchen cleaning is also important. Especially your kitchen equipment it must be cleaned. If you found molds at home, find a mold removal company to remove it.
If you have grease trap installed in your kitchen, clean it regularly. You can call grease trap service Houston they are professional in cleaning grease traps.

6. Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are effective in filtering air-borne dust particles. In order to reach the full potential that these devices have to offer, make sure you use one in every room in your home.

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