3 Ways To Declutter Your Home

In a world where we’re surrounded by endless sales, promos, and even online sales, it’s quite difficult to resist the temptation. We may find ourselves buying things that we actually don’t need at all – probably because we’ve seen it from an Instagram influencer or it may have been an impulse buy. While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying these sales, sometimes, you may find yourself in a home filled with things that you’re no longer using. If you’ve been wanting to live less and declutter your home, here are 3 ways on how you can start living a minimalist lifestyle:

1. Get Rid Of Things You Haven’t Used For A While

It all depends on the item, but if you find yourself not using a pair of jeans because you’ve outgrown them, and it’s been years, then it’s probably time that you get rid of it. You probably haven’t used it for a while for a reason, and you probably won’t.

2. Get Rid Of Duplicates!

Check your closet, and you’ll find some duplicate items that you’ve been keeping for quite some time. Let go of the duplicates and just keep one, especially if you’re not using them. For instance, you have three hair dryers. One that you’ve initially bought and 2 others were gifts. While you find yourself keeping the gifted ones, you haven’t used them for months, they’re duplicates, after all, get rid of them. Gift them back, or give it to goodwill – or even sell it. It depends on you. Just keep that one that you’ve only been using because they’ll start to collect dust eventually. You can hire a junk recycling or removal service to remove any junks at your home.

3. One In, Two Out

If you’re serious about living a minimalist lifestyle and wanted to declutter your home, for every 1 new item you’re bringing inside your home, try and get rid of two. Most people get rid of one, after a new purchase – but this won’t help with decluttering. You’ll still have the same amount of items at home and you’ll have the same amount of clutter.

There are many other ways of getting rid of clutter, but to help you kickstart this journey, start with these three. It sounds difficult at first, but trust me, it gets easier in time.

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