Catholic Priest Allegedly Stole Millions Of Dollars To Pay Rent Boy Lover

December 12, 2015 David Gilbert 0

A lawsuit has been filed against Rev. Peter Miqueli, accusing the pastor of stealing over $1 million in donations to support and pay for sex with his gay lover.

Fr. Peter Miqueli, who continues to work as a pastor in St. Frances de Chantal Church in the Bronx, has had a case brought against him by his current and former parishioners at two churches in New York City.

Miqueli also spent significant funds on “illicit and prescription drugs”, to the tune of $60,000 in 2012; used church funds to finance the purchase of a $264,000 New Jersey home; spent stolen funds on vacations; and was so brazen in his theft, he pinched money directly from the collection plates.

The suit seeks an end to the “truly sinful conduct” which includes the claim that the priest paid Crist $1,000 a session ‘to act out his sexual fantasies’ by role-paying where Crist was the ‘master or dominant in a BDSM relationship.’ Father Miqueli played ‘the slave, ‘ suit says.

The prostitute has been named as Keith Crist, who would be paid $1000-a-session for sadomasochistic sex with the Catholic priest.

Another scandal is hitting the Archdiocese of New York after parishioners from St. Frances de Chantal in Bronx, New York, filed a lawsuit against an alleged gay priest.

The lawsuit goes on to say that repairmen at the priest’s house often saw “several unstacked piles of cash, each approximately one foot high” scattered around the priest’s residence.

Crist hung up on a reporter and Miqueli declined to answer a call through a church receptionist.

We can’t understand it“, said Bronx parishioner Jack Lynch.

At de Chantal, Miqueli briefly tried to have Crist serve as the parish’s new business manager, according to the complaint – only to have the Archdiocese give the boyfriend the boot after a complaint.

The lawsuit says he provided no accounting of the money and routinely deposited the cash into his own personal account at an HSBC in Hauppauge, L.I. “We suspect a scandal behind the scandal”. “This is a bad guy”, Mr Dowd said. Church members have created a petition and a Facebook page demanding Father Miqueli’s removal.

The Archdiocese said they are taking the allegations seriously and have ordered an audit of the parish. “We have asked the people making the allegations to document it, substantiate the allegations, so that if they’re true we can take the appropriate action” Zwilling said. An investigation earlier this year resulted in minor financial changes to the church’s governing. “We’re only asking them to look into our suspicions, that’s all they had to do”.

Miqueli, who has a salary of $2,545 a month, now has more than $900,000 in savings and a brokerage account, according to the court filings.…

Matt Bevin begins first day as new governor-elect

November 8, 2015 David Gilbert 0

Top health policy experts contacted by TPM the day after Bevin’s victory weren’t panicking or predicting a dramatic rollback of Obamacare in Kentucky.

The elimination of the kynect program is just one of an assortment of conservative policies Bevin will seek to impose as governor. But Republicans held control of both chambers. In Houston, voters repealed a law to protect gay, lesbian and transgender people from discrimination with the slogan – “No men in women’s bathrooms”. Fox News: “Ross Mirkarimi and his office received heavy criticism after Mexican illegal immigrant Francisco Sanchez allegedly shot and killed 32-year-old Kate Steinle on San Francisco’s waterfront July 1”. The city also rejected new regulations on Airbnb.

And in Kentucky, Republican Matt Bevin’s win for the governorship could be a sign that many voters are serious about electing outsider candidates. And it’s also possible that, in a political climate now so hospitable to outsider candidates, Bevin’s bizarreness actually helped him at the polls. I will be forever thankful that he came to visit me while I was in jail.

“I believe we can develop a system where they will have health insurance”, Stivers said. Knochelmann says leaders need to approach the new governor with a unified message. President Obama is toxic, even in non-federal elections. In Pennsylvania, the Republicans now have the hugest majority over the Democrats in their state Senate in the past 61 years. Nor is it easy to generate a long list of great young candidates who sat out 2016 because of Clinton’s name and fundraising advantage; there are a few, but not almost as many as the party needs to have in reserve, because like Scott Walker, promising hopefuls often flame out under the pressure of a presidential campaign. The incumbent state auditor, Adam Edelen, who national Democrats hoped would challenge Paul in next year’s Senate race lost in a stunning upset.

Democrats say they’ve had rough nights before and people shouldn’t read too much into the results of one election. “Not only has President Obama destroyed the party in Kentucky, he’s destroyed the bench. The bench that was supposed to rise up and run for office – that’s gone”.

“There is a lesson to be learned: Conservatives can win when they refuse to be bullied by elites into silence”, Heritage Foundation senior research fellow Ryan T. Anderson said in The Daily Signal.

A big part of Bevin’s statewide victory was a stronger-than-usual showing in the state’s metropolitan counties.

And on December 8, when Bevin becomes governor, he may well do so.

Kentucky was one of the most heated races in the country, especially for the Democrats, as the state was the last stronghold the party had amongst the southern United States. I promised an orderly transition as I hand off the reins of state government to him. As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent wrote recently, the Democrat Party has dug a “deep, deep hole” for itself on the state level. In other words, the unpopularity of a national figure such as Obama in Kentucky isn’t as important as the regional, historical and individual factors that allowed a Democratic governor to succeed there. About half a million Kentuckians stand to lose their health insurance if Bevin follows through on his campaign promise to end Medicaid expansion and close Kynect; Conway managed to get less than half a million votes in total. Turnout is far lower and the voters who do show up tend to be older and less diverse, favoring Republicans. Mitch McConnell ran a reelection campaign in Kentucky, dominating Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Of course markets work for most people, and of course there are exceptions to that. It gives Republicans the ability to push through legislation that obviously otherwise would not get through Congress on a whole host of hot button issues ranging from abortion rights to election law changes such as Voter Identification laws and other provisions that have been the subject of litigation for several years now, and is likely to do so for years to come. Steve Beshear, the current governor, is a twice-elected democrat. He won a bitter GOP campaign by a mere 83 votes in May over outgoing Agriculture Commissioner James Comer, a year after a sound defeat by Sen.

Republicans are calling the election a watershed moment in Kentucky politics, saying Democrats don’t appeal to an increasingly conservative electorate.…